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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Most Epic Use of Photo Booth Props - Our Top 5 Picks

The event booth has some pretty fun and funky props, but we've gotta give major credit to our event boothers for their epic use of them! Check out our top picks -- and think of ways to top these prop-tastic photos the next time you hop in the event booth!

5. The first and probably last time the event booth will ever see a sword swallower! We never did find that prop again...

4. Madonna's cousin? Likely. Those viking hats have never been the same, but kudos to our event boother for his creativity!

3. Rock that bling, girl! Love that this bride found a fun way to show off her new rocks with our oh-so-popular magnifying glasses.

2. Grrr...this event boother donned one of our boas as this feisty lion's mane. That's one sharp lion!

1. Cheers! Epic use of our beer mug hat - bottoms up!

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