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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Most Epic Use of Photo Booth Props - Our Top 5 Picks

The event booth has some pretty fun and funky props, but we've gotta give major credit to our event boothers for their epic use of them! Check out our top picks -- and think of ways to top these prop-tastic photos the next time you hop in the event booth!

5. The first and probably last time the event booth will ever see a sword swallower! We never did find that prop again...

4. Madonna's cousin? Likely. Those viking hats have never been the same, but kudos to our event boother for his creativity!

3. Rock that bling, girl! Love that this bride found a fun way to show off her new rocks with our oh-so-popular magnifying glasses.

2. Grrr...this event boother donned one of our boas as this feisty lion's mane. That's one sharp lion!

1. Cheers! Epic use of our beer mug hat - bottoms up!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The event booth's top six photo booth poses

Looking for inspiration for the next time you step into the event booth? Check out this list of our most popular photo booth poses!

6. Charlie's Angels
Get a few women in the photo booth and this classic pose is bound to be busted out!

5. Something's Fishy
Schools of event boothers have perfected the "fish kiss."

4. The Peek-A-Boo
These clever event boothers first introduced us to the famous "peek-a-boo" pose. Epic.

Who doesn't love surprises? Always a fun pose!

2. Mr. Cool
Step 1: Snag a cool pair of shades from our huge prop collection. 
Step 2: Tilt your shades.

1. Romantic Kiss
Grab your loved one and sneak a smooch inside the event booth! You'll both leave with grins.

Want to try out your own awesome photo booth poses in the event booth? Contact us today at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 5 Photo Booth Company Sins

If you're planning or even thinking about having a photo booth at your special celebration, read our top tips to have the best possible photo booth experience!

Sin #5 Missing Your Classic Photo Strips

For as long as photo booths have existed, they have produced photo strips. Unfortunately, some photo booth companies are messing with this classic formula. The event booth has researched and perfected the classic photo strip look that all of your guests will recognize and love.

Sin #4 Curtain vs. Backdrop

You don't want Grandma's old curtain as your photo backdrop, right? We thought so. You're paying for a professional service - your photos should reflect that. Make sure the photo booth company you book with uses a real studio backdrop. Without it, your photos won't look nearly as crisp.

Sin #3 Ugly Booths

We've seen all kinds of unattractive photo booths. From rocket ships to a booth on sparkle steroids to booths the size of refrigerators, there's a lot of heinous-looking booths out there. Make sure the booth you pick isn't going to ruin the look of your event. Save yourself the trouble and book with the event booth, we offer a sleek, plain black booth that wont detract from your event's appeal.

Sin #2 Slow Print Speed

A big reason to hire a photo booth for your event is to keep your guests entertained. They won't be happy if they spend all night waiting on photo strip prints. The event booth prints in less than 15 seconds, leaving your guests plenty of time to enjoy the event.

Sin #1 Newbie or Unprofessional Attendants

You want to put your event in the hands of seasoned photo booth professionals not some teenager trying to make extra cash. A lot goes into the preparation, setup and operation of a photo booth, leave it to someone that knows what they're doing.

To book with the event booth today, please call 720-288-1109 or e-mail us at

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Top Five Photo Booth Pictures

The event booth has seen some pretty crazy photo booth action! Check out our top five photo booth pictures.

5.  No matter your age, you're never too old to have a good time! Colorado's ultimate photo booth, the event booth, brings out the fun in everyone.

4.  This photo has it all: kissing women, neon sunglasses, an angry pink princess bear and a teeny tiny mustache. The best part, though? These fun event boothers easily fit eight people into the booth. With the largest photo booth in Colorado, you're able to get epic shots like this with all of your friends!

3. Chug, chug, chug! Event boothers get pretty creative with our massive collection of props! Even better, we're the only photo booth company in town that doesn't charge you a penny to rock our props.

2. Giddy up! One of our favorite event boother costumes of all time. The event booth is the perfect complement to any theme or costume event - it brings out the silly side in everyone and captures them having a blast.

1. What will event boothers come up with next? Props to this bride and groom for being the first to use a carrot in the event booth! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Contact today to reserve your date. Maybe you'll make our top photo picks for next year!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Top Events to Feature a Photo Booth

Want your event to be the talk of the town? Create a buzz! The event booth is unique, entertaining and provides a special souvenir from your event that attendees will actually hold onto! 

Having a photo booth is always a hit at any event, but you'll really knock it out of the park if you have the event booth. From weddings to birthdays, the event booth is the perfect complement. Check out our top event picks to feature a photo booth!

One of our happy couples having a blast!
Wedding Reception 
According to experts at the knotphoto booths are a wedding trend that is here to stay! Photo booths are not a come and go wedding trend, but a reception staple. Why? Because there is nothing better than entertainment, party favors and memorable keepsakes all rolled into one! With the event booth, you can even customize your photo strips! 

Trust us, nothing draws more attention than a photo booth, especially the event booth! Charge attendees tickets or a minimal fee to have a blast in our photo booth - with the event booth's competitive pricing, you'll be raking in revenue for your cause in no time.

The event booth was a hit at Floyd's 99 Barbershop's anniversary bash!
Corporate Party 
Celebrating an anniversary? Ringing in the holiday season? Show your employees your appreciation with a fun, engaging photo booth! They'll hold onto the photo strips forever and talk about the event booth for weeks to come.

School Dance/After Prom 
Students of all ages flip for photo booths! Is your school dance or after prom themed? With the event booth's green screen feature, you can create any backdrop you can dream up - a perfect way to carry the theme into their keepsakes!

The event booth is perfect for charity events!
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & Sweet 16/QuinceaƱera
Your child's celebration will be the talk of the town if you feature a photo booth. Always a hit, no guest will forget the event booth - especially with our fun set of props, all at no extra charge. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Event Booth Gives Back

Being a locally-owned photo booth company, the event booth prides itself on giving back to the community. Over the past few months, the event booth has been spotted at several charity events!

Melissa and Jeff
In April, the event booth lent our services to The Wedding Pink, an annual, heartfelt wedding giveaway package presented to a couple whose lives have been recently touched by breast cancer. This year's couple, Jeff and Melissa, have overcome lots of life's curveballs. In 2009, Melissa was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer; she endured a double mastectomy, followed by six rounds of T.A.C. chemotherapy. Her husband Jeff never left her side, and Melissa can now boast that she is cancer free.

It was truly an honor to be a part of this incredible day! The event booth was a huge hit, and laughter poured from the booth the entire night. We look forward to serving The Wedding Pink in any future weddings.

During May, the event booth was found on the scene at Denver's largest derby! The Derby Party is much more than horses and cool drinks: the event was created to benefit the Sean "Ranch" Lough Memorial Scholarship. Sean was a remarkable individual who touched many people with his spirit, aspirations, humor and kindness.

Derby-goers rocked it in the event booth!
This scholarship in Sean's name is given to an individual that exemplifies the qualities he had, including a high GPA, economic need, and most of all, a hearty personality and love for life. The 4-year, full-ride scholarship to Colorado State University, Sean's alma mater, is awarded to a deserving student each year at the Dery Party.

What a BLAST we had at the Derby Party! Gorgeous hats, derby suits and lots of big hearts surrounded the event booth. Plan on buying tickets to next year's Derby, it's one of Denver's biggest and best events - plus, the event booth will be there. ;)

The event booth loves to give back-it's what makes the world go 'round, right? If you know of a deserving event that could benefit from Colorado's largest photo booth, contact us at